Brayant Lee

Engineer / Craftsman

My name is Brayant Lee and I have a passion for music and woodworking. My passions have inspired and led me to make custom audio equipment such as tube amplifiers, speaker boxes, and turntables. Coupling making electronics with my woodworking skills, I have been able to create functional and aesthetic pieces that are used by my family and friends. Moreover, building household items and furniture out of wood is also an activity that I thoroughly enjoy. This blog showcases my enthusiasms and work in hopes that it builds your interest and sparks your creativity.

-A few fun facts about myself-

I live in California, I love fishing, I studied Geology at Seoul University, I play Starcraft, I self-studied Mechanical & Electrical Engineering and started my own tech company, I made all the furniture I have at home, I made my first tube amp in 1984, I have a garden full of fruits & flowers in my backyard, and I have three dogs and two cats

picture of myself fishing

New Chapter in My Life

I moved from South Korea to U.S to start a new chapter of my life in 2006. Everything was new to me, including people, food, street and language. I started my own tech company in 2006, which was very challenging. Everyone I knew thought it was a crazy idea to move to U.S but I've always had a dream to live abroad. I've been always trying my best and following my dream and now because of all the hard work and dedication, I am one step closer to my dream.

My Garden

After I moved to a new home in 2013, I started my own garden in my small backyard. When I moved in, I cleared my backyard and planted fruit trees and flowers, including orange, lemon, papaya, blueberry, grapefruit, peach, heavenly peach, loquat, coffee, jack fruit, plum, green tea and many seaon flowers. I hope to have a little amazon in my backyard one day.

I recently planted three kinds of wasabi plants (Green thumb, Daruma, and Mazuma), which I bought in Canada. Wasabi grows under the tree as they like being in shade. I am little worried about hot California summer.

blueberry flower flowers flowers flowers flowers flowers garden garden jujube lime orange lemon papaya peach persimmon tree tree wasabi wasabi

My Pet & I

Pair of cockatoos and their eggs. They had a few sets of eggs but none of them made it. After about five years, one of them passed away and few days later the other one followed. ( 2014 )

pair of cackatoos cackatoos eggs

I had another cockatoo called KooKoo. Her Hello had dozens of meanings and you could tell by her tone. Everyone loved her but when I moved my company, I had to let her go. She was adopted by a happy family.


I have had many discus fish in different sizes and colors since 1993. These are from Amazon in Brazil and they have very peculiar way of raising their babies. After babies hatch from tiny eggs, both parents feed their babies milk like substance from all over their bodies. When I moved my comapny, power to the heater got disconnected and I lost most of my fish. Since I lost my fish in 2013, I have stopped raising Discus because I didn't want to go through this experience again.

discus fish discus fish discus fish discus fish discus fish

Hundreds of babies attached to their parents to feed on them.

discus fish discus fish discus fish

In 2008, I adopted two maltese, Hongsil and Chungsil. Name Chungsil represents blue thread and Hongsil represents red thread. In Korean culture, blue and red threads represents a happy married couple. Over years, they had puppies three times, total of five. Among five puppies, two died during delivery, two got adopted to a happy family and one became my family.

my dogs and I maltese maltese maltese maltese

In 2014, Chungsil and Hongsil had a puppy. I named her Bangsil, meaning smile in Korean, because she makes me smile all the time.


She has grown much since!

maltese maltese maltese

On 2015 Thanksgiving, I rescued a very small, weak and hungry female kitty that was meowing under the storage container. She needed help and followed me into my office without hesitation. Since then, I named her Konyang and have been taking care of her. She looks a bit scary, but never scratched anyone.


She had kittens twice, seven total. All of them were adopted except Munchikin who stayed with me.


Now he has grown much and he's almost same size as his mom.

cat cat