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This is where all magic happens! In my workshop, there are shelves and drawers full of tools, including Mitre saw, drills, jigsaw, table saw, vice, clamps and more. I built woodworking table myself using poplar wood, which is hard, but not too hard to prevent dents in my workpieces. The greatest feature of the table is the tool and the work piece holder for chisel work that goes up and down as I turn the handle.

worktable worktable worktable

My Audio Gear

I have been making various tube amplifiers, speakers and sources over 30 years. I have made over hundred of them and I gave most of them as a gift to my friends and family. I am very proud of high quality amps and speakers that I made as I put a lot of effort and creativity to reflect a unique craftsmanship.

Initially, I have used aluminum to make cases for my products, but I have changed to woods to give warmer and more elegant feels and look. I used various types of tubes for power amplifiers and preamplifiers. Of many I have used, my favorite is the number 50 type. The actual power output is not very high but it provides very smooth and musical sounds which is perfect for the kind of music I listen to (Classic, Jazz, and Blues). My main music source is vinyl records. I have more than two thousand records and most of them are classical music. When I want to listen to different genre of music, I go digital.


2A3 Tube Amplifier (1985)

My second amplifier using 2A3 tube amp. My first amplifier was using EL34 single power amp.

6BM8 PP Amplifier (2001)


6EM7 PP Amplifier (2001)

Early on making tube amps, the amps that I made were PP or Push Pull type and the bodies were made of aluminum.

300B Tube Single Power Amplifier (2003)

This is a famous 300B tube single power amplifier with British Sowter transformer.
Hammond and Western

Western Electric 421 Tube Amp (2001)

This is a Western Electric 421 tubes in PP style with Hammond transformers
CD transport

CD Transport (2005)

This is the first CD transport I made in Korea using Philips CD-PRO II module and DAC with Tube buffer Amp. I brought it with me to U.S.

Turntable (2007)

This is a turntable I made using oak for my friend.

Altec 816 Replica (2008)

This is an Altec 816 replica with Altec 515B woofer and Altec 288-16G horn driver. As a waveguide and to help project the sound, I built the famous VOTT (Voice Of the Theater) that was heavily used in the 1950s-1970s movie theaters.
tube amplifier

Power Amplifier (2008)

The one on the left used to be my main power amplifier using 50 tube and wenge wood. The one on the right is 808 tube power amplifier using maple. Both sounds great, but the 808 tube glows very bright orange and tend to catche people's attention.
CD transport

DAC(16 bit) for CD Transport Telefunken pre tube (2008)

CD player

CD Player (2009)

Another CD Player using CD-PRO II module. The case is built with wenge/bubinga.

Full Range Speaker (2009)

This is a small full range speaker that I made for my daughter using bubinga and walnut. Fostex 3 inch is full range driver without any crossover. It sounds great for its size.

808 Tube Single Power Amplifier (2009)

This is a 808 tube single power amplifier I built for my sister in Korea. The tubes glow very bright orange and draw people's attention.
altec speaker

Altec Speaker and Horn (2009)

These are Altec speaker and horn that I made for my sister in Korea.
tube clock

Tube Clock (2009)

This is my first tube clock I made using a scope tube. Since it is synchronized with a power line frequency, the time is never wrong.
pre amplifier

Pre Amplifier

This is my main preamp which includes phono stage and tone control.
audio system

Audio System (2016)

This was my audio system few months ago. I constantly add or remove equipment for the best sound.
audio controller

Audio Controller (2016)

This is an audio controller I built using walnut and maple.
audio controller

Audio Controller (2016)

This is the same audio controller as the one above but closed. It has major dove tailing joints.

Tannoy Westminster Royal in progress(2018)

This was the first project I did to update my audio system since it was outdated. This is a copy of Tannoy Westminster Royal in progress. (80% size)

Completed Tannoy Westminster Royal (2018)

I replaced a PHY-HP open style speaker that I designed to a copy of Tannoy Westminster Royal. (80% size). The reason I reduced the size of speaker is to match the 12 inch Tannoy red monitor speaker, where original speaker is 15 inch.

My Current Audio System Setup

This is my current audio system setup

audio system audio system

My Woodworking

I started my woodworking projects only using hand tools such as hand saw, woodplane, and chisels. As I moved to a new house with a two car garage and turned it into a woodworking shop, I began to expand my tool selections.

side table and coffee table

Coffee Table and Side Table (2006)

These were my very first two projects. I made these only using hand tools. It took me many hours and days to cut, shape and sand. Very special and meaningful to me.
side table

Side Table(2006)

After my first two projects, I bought few power tools including the biscuit jointer to make this side table. I had an accident while using the biscuit jointer and cut part of my thumb badly. It took me about an year to heal and I no longer use the Biscuit Jointer..
wooden clock

Wooden Clock (2013)

Every parts of the clock was handmade by me including wood gears. Major cool factor is its accuracy.
wooden clock

Wooden Clock (2013)

Finished Wooden Clock
wooded clock

Wooden Clock (2013)

This is a table top clock. The bell was made using a kit.
wood frame bed

Wood Frame Bed in progress(2013)

This was my first project after I expanded my woodworking shop.
wood frame bed

Wood Frame Bed(2013)

This is the finished super size bed for my wife and I using solid walnut.
Storage Shed

Storage Shed(2013)

This is a storage shed I built for my wife as she needed more storage space.
wooden deck


This was a big project that my wife and I undertook soon after we moved to our new house. She was great in assisting building patio roof, deck and storage shed. Kudos to my wife!
wood frame bed

Lift Top Coffee Table in progress(2014)

This is a lift top coffee table in progress. It replaced my old oak coffee table that was scratched during the move.
wood frame bed

Lift Top Coffee Table(2014)

This is the finished coffee table. The hummingbird side opens to provide a storage and the top can be raised and brought close to you. Most of the table is made of solid walnut except inlay.
shoe rack

Three level Shoe Rack(2014)

This is a three level shoe racks for different styles and types of shoes.
slipper rack

Slipper Rack(2014)

shoe storage cabinet

Shoe Storage Cabinet(2014)

ipad holder

Tablet Holder(2014)

This is a tablet holder that enables me to watch Youtube vidoes in bed. The swiveling arm is attached to a bedframe and can be stowed away. By turning the knob, you can adjust the size to fit any size of tablets. All wooden threats are cut by hand.
privacy screen/room divider and chest

Privacy Screen and Chest(2015)

These are privacy screen and chest. They can hide and store all kinds of stuff!
coaster and candle holder

Coaster and Candle Holder Set(2015)

This is a coaster and candle holder set. I was inspired by a youtube channel Thiswoodwork by Alex Harris. Guess how many different types of woods were used?
Napkin holder

Napkin Holder(2015)

This is a napkin holder that can be adjusted to hold different size napkins. It has a gear that allows it to open and close from all four sides simultanesouly.

Fireplace Facade(2015)

This is a fireplace facade using walnut and tile.
side table

Side Table(2015)



This is a footrest that I made for my wife using oak and leather.
secretary desk

Secretary Desk(2016)

This is a secretary desk using walnut.
secretary desk

Secretary Desk OPENED(2016)

secretary desk chair


This is a chair for secretary desk that I made. My wife bought a leather seat from an Indian village in Utah and I made legs for it
dining table set

Dining Table Set(2016)

salt and pepper grinder

Salt and Pepper Grinder(2016)

Wall clock

Wooden Clock(2016)

I made this wooden clock for my parents.

Cabinet OPENED(2017)

My wife collects Starbucks Mugs and I made a cabinet for them. Butterfly hinge and coffee cup lock are made of walnut and fine dowel.

Cabinet CLOSED(2017)

butterfly hinge

Butterfly Hinge for Cabinet(2017)

This is a butterfly hinge for the cabinet. It is made of walnut and fine dowel.
music box

Box for Audio Controller System(2017)

This is a box for audio controller system that has 64TB of music. Because it was generating heat, I added a cooling fan and vent exit holes on the top and intake near the bottom.
icecream scoop

Icecream Scoop(2017)

My wife and I enjoy eating affogato so I made ice cream scoop and coffee scoop set.
coffee scoop

Coffee Scoop(2017)

My wife and I enjoy eating affogato so I made ice cream scoop and coffee scoop set.
butter knife holder

Butter Knife Holder(2017)

pepper mill grinder

Pepper Mills(2017)

I made another pepper mills as a gift for someone.
wooden clock

Wooden Clock(2017)

plant pot


This is a planter for my coffee plant.
Paper towel holder

Paper Towel Holder(2017)

This is a paper towel holder.
Cup holder

Cup Holder(2017)



This is a footboard that I made for my wife using red cedar. Smell's good!
key holder

Key Holder(2017)

desk chair

Desk Chair(2018)

This is a desk chair made of walnut and cream color leather
vanity dressing table

Vanity Dressing Table(2018)

This is a special vanity dressing table that I made for my younger daughter. She loves it!
garment rack and closet door

Garment Rack and Closet Door(2018)

My wife needed more space to hang clothes so I made a moving hanger for her. Top of the hanger is the shape of Korean style roof.
garment rack

Garment Rack(2018)

This is the bottom half of garment rack. It can move freely because of the swivel wheels that are installed.
outside storage

Outside Storage(2018)

This is another storage unit outside for gardening tools. Only 2x4 lumbers were used.


This is a lamp for a livingroom.
outdoor bench

Outdoor bench(2018)

brick grill

Brick Smoker Grill(2018)

This is another addition to my foodie life. I built the smoker grill using bricks.
brick grill

Brick Smoker Grill(2018)

I tried cooking BBQ pork and smoked chiken and it worked great!

Special Gallery for My Better Half

My wife has been doing cross-stitch over 20 years and we display her works at home. She makes the most beautiful products using cross-sitch and I want to share them with everyone.

cross stitch clock cross stitch clock cross stitch cushion cross stitch cushion cross stitch decoration cross stitch decoration cross stitch display cross stitch flower cross stitch fruits cross stitch hanger cross stitch heart shape tree cross stitch piano chair cover cross stitch tissue cover cross stitch tree cross stitch wallart cross stitch wallart cross stitch wallart cross stitch wallart cross stitch wallart cross stitch wallart cross stitch wallart cross stitch wallart cross stitch wallart cross stitch wallart cross stitch wallart cross stitch wallart